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Jesus is better than everything

June 6 #jesus #trust

It's a slow process, but I'm learning that any of the plans that Jesus has for me—no matter how difficult or ridiculous or hurtful they may seem—are always better than the best plans I could ever dream up on my own.

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Sometimes I just need to change my perspective

September 23 #jesus #trust

Jesus really does love me a whole lot.

If he were here, he'd chase me down the street while laughing deep belly laughs. He'd walk with me down the sidewalk and let me talk about my day. He would give me a huge bear hug, smile and tell me everything's gonna be ok.

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Jesus brings dead things to life

March 4 #jesus

I felt unexpectedly emotional standing in line, waiting for my turn in the water. Emotional, yet overwhelmingly thankful for Jesus and his immeasurable love, grace and forgiveness. I barely heard friends cheering, almost forgot to hold my breath.

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How I met Jesus

February 28 #jesus #religion

My dad is a pastor, and I grew up in church. I kind of remember praying to ask Jesus in my heart sometime when I was only 3. I always thought I was saved—I knew the Bible, was active in the youth ministry, always tried do the right things, tithed regularly, and even worked in a church for 7 years. I was always doing stuff, feeling like my constant activity made God happy.

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