Jesus didn't die to save you from the F word

April 7 #religion

This theme of being a religious person, but not knowing Jesus has been on my mind so strongly the past few days. The crazy thing is when you're in the middle of it — being religious — you aren't even aware of it!

I know, because I used to be like that. I was raised in church, worked in church for years, always doing the right thing. I was more concerned about making people behave right. I was more focused with the outward appearance rather than the heart of a person.

I wanted them to stop cussing because I didn't like the "F" word, or to stop being depressed because Christians should never be depressed - they have Jesus and everything should always be perfect, right?

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Jesus brings dead things to life

March 4 #jesus

I felt unexpectedly emotional standing in line, waiting for my turn in the water. Emotional, yet overwhelmingly thankful for Jesus and his immeasurable love, grace and forgiveness. I barely heard friends cheering, almost forgot to hold my breath.

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How I met Jesus

February 28 #jesus #religion

My dad is a pastor, and I grew up in church. I kind of remember praying to ask Jesus in my heart sometime when I was only 3. I always thought I was saved—I knew the Bible, was active in the youth ministry, always tried do the right things, tithed regularly, and even worked in a church for 7 years. I was always doing stuff, feeling like my constant activity made God happy.

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Slowly Going Nowhere

July 6 #design
Slowly Going Nowhere

I was standing there watching traffic drive slowly by while waiting for the fireworks. And even though I already knew this, I realized of the few things in life that I hate: moving slowly.

Moving slowly without purpose is even worse.

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This is my purpose in case I ever forget

February 24 #direction #purpose

I believe God wants to grow the church and reach people like me. People tired of church as it is, tired of normal and religious. For people who are searching. I believe he wants to show himself fresh and new and powerful. I want to support that, I want to be a part of that. I want to help. I want to serve.

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